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The Residences at Liberty Center #1701

888 N Quincy St #1701 | The Residences at Liberty Center

Property Overview

Our client was living in California full-time and was looking for a real estate agent in Arlington that could manage the entire sales process of her Ballston condo from start to finish.

The property had been a rental for many years and was in need of a few upgrades and minor repairs.

After our initial strategy session, we decided on the following upgrades:

  • Fresh paint
  • New carpets in the bedrooms
  • New ceiling fan in the owner’s bedroom

We also switched out some dull light bulbs in the unit and had the property professionally cleaned.

Market Ready staged the property and all that was left was to come up with a compelling video for the property.

Since the property was going to be listed on February 13th, we decided on doing a Valentine’s Day-themed video.

We listed the property on that Thursday at $749,900. We chose this price because we had recently listed #1901 for $749,900 and the property ended up selling for $769,000. Since #1701 is two floors lower than #1901, we thought we’ll list it at the same price, and have similar results. We did not expect a lower-floor unit to sell for more than the unit two stories higher.

We briefly discussed the possibility of listing the property for $769,000 since that was the price of the most recent comparable property. After weighing the pros and cons, the seller decided that she wanted to replicate #1901’s strategy by listing at the same exact list price. We knew that price would attract multiple offers and that buyers would ‘bid up’ the price, as opposed to starting with a much higher price. But we didn’t expect what was going to happen next.

Online Marketing

We published the property tour video on Facebook and it reached over 28,000 people in the local Arlington area.

facebook liberty center screenshot

To further bolster the reach of the video, we took out a Listing of the Day post in ARL Now.

From that one article, an additional 611 local viewers watched the video.

arlnow screenshot

The YouTube video ended up receiving about 11,000 views through our local advertising efforts.

youtube liberty center 1701

Through these online marketing efforts, we were able to showcase this listing to an additional 39,000 people in the local Arlington area.


The property was listed on the market for a total of six days and was shown 29 times.

We received eight offers on the property.

The highest bidder came in at $830,000 with no contingencies.

The seller gladly accepted the terms of their offer and the property closed just a few weeks later.

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